The TRS Student Council is very excited to bring back the spring road races this year!  After a one-year hiatus, the Three Rivers family decided this isn’t a tradition we want to let go! Sticking to tradition will be the one-mile Cubby Fun Run, in memory of a late custodian, Mr. Culberson, who we loved dearly.  Similar to the 2.8 mile race in the past, there will be the McTombo 5K, named after Mr. Thomas, a retired teacher who began the TRS road race tradition over 32 years ago!  A new option this year will be the Harry Hustle, a walk throughout the TRS campus in honor of Mr. Harry Dean, one of our custodians who passed away this school year.  Mr. Dean walked to school every day, so we couldn’t think of a better way to honor such a special man!

Race day t-shirts are available in youth and adult sizes at:  All t-shirts must be ordered by May 27th.  This date is final and cannot be extended!!