Co Curriculars Descriptions

Co-curricular activities are to help students see school as a positive environment, to learn how to develop satisfactory relationships with peers, and to gain confidence in their individual abilities and thus to develop a positive acceptance of self.

  • Participation is a privilege for students who are good school citizens.  A student may be denied permission to participate if he/she is having academic and/or behavioral difficulties.
  • In order to participate in any activity after school, a student must attend a full day of school on the day of the activity.
  • It is important that students are picked up at the end of each practice and/or game in a timely fashion.  Failure to do so consistently may result in your student not being able to continue with their particular program. 
  • Contact coaches and advisors directly with questions specific to their programs.  Contact Mr. Morris, Director of Co-Curricular Activities, with general questions (i.e. the athletic policy, academic eligibility, etc.).
  • Students must return from away games using the bus or may leave with their parents if the parent provides the coach a signed and dated note. Parents may not take students other than their children.
  • Questions for our coaching staff are best sent through e-mail or after a practice and not immediately following a game.
  • The priorities for our inter-scholastic sports teams are to promote good sportsmanship and teach the fundamentals of the game.  
  • Students are permitted to participate in both Drama and Baseball/Softball if they have a Spring Contract signed by their coach, drama club advisor, parent, and the student.  It is important to understand that although participation in both programs is permitted, Drama and Baseball/Softball typically meet at the same times; consequently, participating in both may limit the amount of scenes/playing time the student can be in for each activity.
Co-Curricular Activities
Art Club 
Art Club is open to grades 5-8. The only cost is $3.00 per student. Students with a particular interest in art are welcome.  Art Club will be a time for deeper exploration of various materials and methods used in art making. Both teacher directed and independent projects will make up each session.  Participants will be expected to act responsibly and handle materials in a safe, appropriate manner.  There will be four sessions with 8 meetings in each.  Permission slips will be available from Ms. O’Gorman a week prior to the start of each session.  Enrollment will be limited to the first 15 students who return their permission slip and $3.00 materials fee.  Meetings will be on Tuesdays after school until 3:45.


Baseball is offered at Three River Schools and open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. The object is to leave with a solid foundation of fundamentals, prepping them for high school baseball while having fun. The program typically runs the months of April and May, concluding by the first week of June. The expectations from each student is a full commitment, including but not limited to, attending every practice and game while displaying sportsmanship and respect on and off the field.  There is a cost of approximately $15 for a hat which the student keeps.
Boys Basketball

Boys basketball is available to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys in good academic standing. This program runs from the middle of November to the end of February. Athletes need appropriate basketball clothing, including basketball shoes. Athletes typically buy a warm up shirt as well, which costs around $20. A physical and a signed sports participation form are required to be on file before an athlete can sign up to try-out. Practices and games are Monday through Friday. Practices are either from 2:45 – 4:15 or 4:15 to 5:45 (alternating with the girls’ team). Games are typically at 3:45 or 5:15.

Boys Soccer
Soccer is offered to 6th, 7th, 8th graders at Three Rivers School from the last week of August (typically when tryouts begin) through the third week of October. The expectation is for a full commitment including attending all practices and games. Practice is from 2:45pm-4:30 typically four days a week. The emphasis is on strong team building and fundamentals while enjoying the game. As with all sports I coach, I expect the athletes to show respect and good sportsmanship all the time on and off the field. The only additional cost is usually for some end of the year celebration to either the field house with pizza or another soccer related field trip.
The TRS Cheer team is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders, with or without experience, interested in competitive and sideline cheerleading. Try-outs generally take place mid November, and the season concludes mid March after all basketball games and competitions are completed. The team generally practices 3-4 days a week after school, with an optional tumbling class on Tuesday nights, cheers at home basketball games during the week, and attends 1-2 competitions in March to perform their routine in front of a panel of judges. Students interested in participating in the Cheer program should sign up in the main office and return necessary paperwork.
Crochet Club
The Crochet Club is offered to all students at TRS throughout the year beginning mid-September and running through mid-May. We meet once a week on Wednesdays for an hour after school (2:35-3:35). The purpose of the Crochet Club is to learn how to crochet, practice crochet skills, and create crocheted items for self, gifts, and charity donations. No experience is necessary to join. Students will want to have a crochet hook and yarn, though both will be provided, if needed. Students may join at any time and stay for as many meetings as they would like.
Drama Club
The TRS Drama program is open to all students in grades 5-8.  Auditions typically take place the week before February break, and the run itself, usually lasts into the second week of May.  Rehearsals are after school beginning at 2:30 and last until 4 to start.  As the show draws near, rehearsals will end at 4:30 or 5:00.  Time commitment is vital to the success of this program and students must plan to attend every rehearsal and performance.
Girls Basketball
Girls basketball is available to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls in good academic standing. This program runs from the middle of November to the end of February. Athletes need appropriate basketball clothing, including basketball shoes. Athletes typically buy a warm up shirt as well, which costs around $20. A physical and a signed sports participation form are required to be on file before an athlete can sign up to try-out. Practices and games are Monday through Friday. Practices are either from 2:45 – 4:15 or 4:15 to 5:45 (alternating with the boys team). Games are typically at 3:45 or 5:15.
Girls Soccer
Soccer is open to girls in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  The season typically runs from the last week of August, when tryouts occur, through the end of October. A full commitment is expected at all team practices and games. The girls will develop their skills, learn to play as a team and compete against other local middle school teams.  There is no cost unless participants want to buy jackets/sweatshirts.

Fall Intra-murals
September- October    Time: 2:35-4 PM    Mondays/Wed  or Tues./Thursday  Open to: Grades 5-8

Activities:  Any activities they participate in gym class.
Favorite activities:  Different forms of dodge ball/line tag/climbing wall/ capture the flag in the forest just to name a few.

In robotics students learn to build, program and drive robots  (visit to see robot components).  The team is composed of 4 robot teams.  Students build robots to solve problems.  Events/competitions are against other schools.  Meets against other schools are on the weekend and occur one or more times.  Generally the team meets 2 days a week (this year Wednesday and Thursday) from 2:35-4:00.  Generally the team starts in November and runs until mid April.  Students apply to be on the robotics team in grade 6.  Openings for new members depend upon the number of students leaving the team.  The team has materials for 4 robots.  The number of students is limited to 12-16 students.  Attendance at meetings and at meets is MANDATORY.  There is a $25 initiation fee to join the team.  Team members must be able to work well with others.
Ski Program
The ski program runs for five consecutive weeks upon return from the holiday break in early January through early February, and is open to all grade levels and abilities. We ski at Pat’s Peak in Henniker, NH (a great family mountain). You may transport your child or take advantage of the bus that we supply for a one-time fee of approximately $25.00. We also transport ski and snowboard equipment to the mountain as a courtesy to participants. Students leave TRS at 2:15 each Tuesday and return to Three Rivers School at approximately 6:15. Enrollment is completed electronically directly to the Pat’s Peak website.  A notice is sent out in mid November for enrollment. Rentals, lessons, and food are available as well at the mountain.

Prices vary dependent upon rentals, lessons, and any other things such as a café card accounts, which allows the student to purchase food using their ski pass. 

As always, we welcome parent chaperones to ride the bus free of charge (save gas), or meet us at the mountain.

Softball is a competitive team sport for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  A commitment is expected at all team practices and games for the months of April and May.  Athletes will learn and practice both offensive and defensive skills in order to prepare to play games.   There is no cost unless participants want (they do not have to) buy hats and t-shirts.
Student Council
The Three Rivers School Student Council fosters positive school morale, improves school involvement and plans student activities, as well as participates in community services. Student Council is made up of students in grades five through eight, who meet approximately once a week, before school. Members announce upcoming activities, fundraisers and social events to their classes following meetings.
Tennis is for students in grade 5-8 and takes place from 2:40-4:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the months of September and October.  Students will learn, and practice, both individual and partner activities, to learn and develop tennis skills in order that they can begin playing the game of tennis. Different types of tennis games will also be introduced. There is no cost to participate and equipment may be borrowed from TRS.  

Winter Intra-murals
January and February    Time: 2:35- 4 PM
Open to: Grades 5-8
Activities: When we have the gym the activities are similar to the fall intra-murals.  The students will have a chance to cross-country ski and snowshoe when there is snow.  

The TRS Cross-Country Team is open to grades 5-8, boys and girls.  The team starts at the beginning of the school year and ends mid to late October.  The TRS X-C team competes in 5-8 meets with other schools.  Students take a bus to away meets.  The races are usually 2 miles long.  Boys and girls race in separate events.  The team practices 3 times a week, generally M, W, F from 2:35-4:00.  Practices are mandatory.  Practice includes 2 miles of activity (running and running games (ex. capture the flag).  Students need to exhibit good sportsmanship and be willing to improve their fitness.  Students need a team t-shirt to compete (the cost is $10).  Students get to keep the shirts.  Sign ups for the team requires a signed sports participation form.  Participation in meets requires an up to date physical on file in the nurse’s office.
The job of the Yearbook Club is to document life at Three Rivers, in 56 pages.  The book includes candids, group pictures, activity pictures, pictures of our sports teams as well as from grade level field trips.  The group meets weekly until the deadline for publication.  History has shown that the best group size is about 12 (comprised of students from all four grades).
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