Educational Philosophy


The information provided in our program of studies will help you to become familiar with Three Rivers School.  Our middle school program is comprised of required courses which lay the foundation for our students when they enter high school.

In conjunction with a robust academic environment, Three Rivers School provides a well rounded co-curricular program for students to explore.  Co curricular activities provide the opportunity for students, teachers and others to excel in an area of interest outside of the academic curriculum.


We recognize and accept all students as unique individuals in terms of needs, interests, and abilities.  In cooperation with parents, we seek to effect changes in students’ intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development.

It is the responsibility of Three Rivers School to provide an atmosphere that fosters a creative spirit, positive self-esteem, increased self-confidence, and proper decision-making.  We seek to develop basic skills as well as to provide an awareness of personal needs and potentials.

While our students will be exposed to a variety of teaching methods that address diverse learning styles, it is essential that they also develop skills in cooperative group learning.  In today’s society, it is necessary that our students be made aware of and develop an acceptance of responsibility, change, differences, effective citizenship, and appropriate social behavior.

Learning is a lifelong process, which is not limited to school experiences.  We encourage students to actively participate in their own education and we strive to instill a desire for growth and change throughout their lives.

School is an integral part of our community and as such, it is vital to have an active, cooperative effort among staff, parents, students, and the community at large.  Communication is essential to assure the coordination of all efforts towards each student’s achievement and future success.


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