Blizzard Bag Information

Dear TRS Parents,

This year we have the opportunity to use blizzard bags in Pembroke. The success of this program relies on everyone’s involvement. In the event of widespread power outages, blizzard bags will not be used and the day will be treated as a regular school snow day.

Teachers will be reviewing their Blizzard Bags with students. Assignments must be completed and submitted online via Google Classroom.  We encourage all students to complete their Blizzard Bag assignments in Google Classroom. In the case that the student does not have access to the Google Classroom, they will be given a paper blizzard bag. Students must return the completed paper assignments to the teacher on the next school day.

Teachers will be available throughout the day via Google Classroom or email. Work will become part of that day’s assignment and will be graded. It will also be used to account for student attendance on the Blizzard Bag Day. In order for a Blizzard Bag to count as an actual day of school, assignments for that day must be turned in on the next school day.  A minimum of 80% completion rate for the district must take place in order for the Blizzard Bag day to count as a day of school.

Pembroke Academy