Every student at Three Rivers School is part of a connections group comprised of a small group of students and a staff advisor. These groups meet on a weekly basis throughout the school year to check-in and participate in school-wide events and activities.  Connections groups remain with the same advisor for their entire four years at Three Rivers School in order to develop a strong rapport with that staff member and share in many common experiences throughout their time together.  

Field Trips
Field trips are planned to extend and enhance classroom instruction.  Before a field trip, a notice explaining the details of the trip including costs and a permission slip will be sent home.  The permission slip, signed by a parent, and any payment must be returned in order for a student to participate in the trip.  Students must use school provided transportation both going to and returning from field trips.

Participation in field trips is a privilege.  Students may be denied this privilege if they are not completing their work and/or have shown through their behavior that they may not be capable of behaving appropriately. Students who have an attendance rate below 90% are not eligible to attend field trips.  If students are not attending a field trip, it is expected that they will attend school.

Please remember that when students are away from school, people will judge our school and our community by the way students behave.  Misconduct on a field trip will result in the loss of future field trip privileges.  All school rules apply during the trip.  For further information please refer to the Pembroke School District Field Trip Policy found on the SAU #53 website.  

Grade Reporting
Parent Portal is a useful tool for parents to stay informed regarding their student’s academic progress and can be an effective way to identify areas of concern.  This service is available on-line and will provide grading information for each of the student’s classes both holistically as well as by each individual assignment.  Parents who are having difficulty accessing Parent Portal should contact the main office.

Progress reports can be issued by teachers during the mid-point of each semester for any student with a current academic average of a 1 or lower. These reports are briefer than those distributed at the end of each marking period but are designed to keep parents informed of their child’s progress.  Progress reports can also be made available to be discussed at Parent-Teacher conferences scheduled in December.Report cards are issued, by email and/or hard copy, two times during the school year, during the months of January and June.

Silent Sustained Reading (SSR)
Literacy is the bedrock of education, and much of what any of us knows and can do is tied directly to our ability and desire to read.  As such, Three Rivers School has committed time in each week’s schedule to reading.  Students are expected to bring in appropriate reading material for this activity.

Standardized Testing
Standardized testing is used along with classroom assessments to provide accurate  and timely information about student achievement leading to improved student learning.  In addition to the testing described below, all students take the state-mandated New England Common Assessment Program tests – language arts and math in the fall.  Eighth grades also take the NECAP science assessment in the spring.

Students will take the STAR Assessment, usually in the fall, winter and spring.  Students may also take the STAR assessment at other times when information would be helpful to teachers, such as for a student new to our district or to gain information at various times in the year.
Student Planners
One student planner is provided to each student at the start of the school year.  It is the expectation that students will use these planners to record assignments, practices, games, club meetings, and other information that will help them stay focused and successful.


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